Links to documents/folders outside Scrivener

Hi, there –

Is it possible to make links in Scrivener to outside documents? I’m currently note taking some PDF files. Later I can see the notes and eventually I may want to recheck the original PDF. The easiest way to do this is, of course, having them all into one Scrivener file and do an internal link. However, that means tons of MBs. :frowning: I’d prefer to have them in a general folder in the hard drive and have a link to them. Can this be made?

– MJ

PS. I hope this hasn’t been answered yet. I searched on the forum and I couldn’t find it.

There are two ways to externally link. You can simply drag the file right into the text editor. You will get a little ‘+’ mouse cursor, upon drop the file name will be highlighted so you can type something a little less geeky. Clicking on that link in the future will open the file in an external editor of choice.

The second method is to utilise the References feature. In the Inspector, click the button that looks like a bookmark down at the very bottom (or press Cmd-8). You can drag external files into this list and they will be linked to the current document. You can give each link a friendly title too. Incidentally, you can store URLs and internal Scrivener links, too.

Unless I misunderstand you, this is quite easy. Go to Inspector > References > + > Look Up & Add External Reference, and make your choice!

Thanks a lot! I was searching the answer in ‘links’ not ‘references.’ This works perfectly. :slight_smile:

(Having a little geeky paradise moment with Scrivener. :open_mouth:)

– MJ