Linux 1.9.01 Beta Released

Did you mean bibisco?

Thanks for the Linux version.

I used the Windows version a long time but after the last update for Win 10 two machines went havoc. So I didn’t want to reinstall Win 10 and switched again to Linux. On a slow laptop (32 bit) I managed to install Scrivener after some searching for missing libraries for Debian 9 I found them in Jessie. I decided to do it right and wiped also a 64 bit system and replaced Win with Linux I got it working within 10 minutes on the amd64

Thanks for your efforts for I am happy again.


Dear all,

Since I use Fedora 27, i can’t open/run any Scrivener Projects.


are installed but nothing happens…

Any help ?
Thank you !

Do you have libpng12? You don’t need the full version, and you can compile it yourself. Once compiled, copy the libpng12.* files to Scrivener/lib/ Modern implementations of libpng aren’t compatible with the one Scrivener needs. (And it wasn’t statically compiled in, since it was one of those everyone had.)

Oh, so THANK YOU !

I didn’t have libpng12 installed.
Right now, it runs !

So thank you !

My very very best

No problem! :slight_smile:

Brace yourselves for some good news. AppImages coming soon. :wink:

Linux is my OS. My writing partners are using Windows and the latest Scrivener. We have no way to exchange projects until Scrivener can Save as… Scrivener LInux 1.9.01 Beta compatible.

I saw your cross-post in:

and put in my 1/2p there. :slight_smile:


Hrm. I wonder if there’s a way to script a conversion between projects? That is, make a script that’ll convert 3.0 to 1.9.7, and then 1.9.7 to 3.0?

There probably IS a way. However, it’s probably a lot more work than it’s worth. Scrivener’s format is not trivial, even though it is comprised of simple elements, and there are likely a lot of edge cases that will bite script writers in the proverbial buttcheeks.

But the request isn’t for 3.x to 1.9.7, it’s for 3.x to 1.9.01, which is a whole new level of complication.

Yeah, I realize that, now. I was mistakenly thinking that Linux Scrivener used the same file format as Windows 1.X, which changed. So even a “save as 1.9” option in Scrivener 3 wouldn’t help much.

What do you mean ?

Running this version of Scrivener in Linux Mint on 18.3, the program is running but not loading files and settings. Anyone else having problems?

Bump - anyone able to reply to my problem?

Well - fixed it myself in the end. I must have changed a file association some where, the fix was to hit F12 and click the reset button in the options to panel, all files are now opening up as before.


For anyone who wants to run this on Ubuntu 18.04, unfortunately the dependencies libpng12 and gstreamer-0.10 are not in the repositories anymore. You can either compile them yourself or install from these sources:

sudo dpkg -i libpng12-0_1.2.54-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb

sudo dpkg -i libgstreamer*.deb[/code]

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 and when I am writing a screenplay the font keeps switching on me every time I press enter. Is this a setting? I select all and choose Courier New but then it always switches back to Dejavu Sans Mono when I hit enter. Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks for this tip. I’m trying out Linux Mint 19, which is based on Ubuntu 18.04, and found this worked for me with no difficulty.

Have used Scrivener on and off for Windows for a long time, but just come across this version. Thanks for all the hard work, I mainly work on linux at work now and this is going to save me so much time!