Linux and iOs?

hey there,

today I bought the scrivener app for my iphone, and I’m really happy with it so far – thank you very much for your work! but since I’m writing on my linux notebook most of the time, I’m wondering if there will also be an update for the linux version of scrivener (or maybe another way), so that I can sync my texts across my notebook and my iphone? currently it doesn’t seem to work, there’s an error, it says that the versions of the texts are not compatible.
I would be happy to hear some good news or to get some advice :wink:

greetins from austria,

I don’t think it will work. I suspect the iOS version required a change to the file format (hence new versions for macOS and Windows). The Linux version looks like it will remain tidally locked to the (Mac) 2.7 format version unless it gets an update.

This was bound to happen. It was only a matter of before the format changed. It was one of the reasons that I decided to switch from my Linux laptop to an iPad

If I remember correctly the iOS version is already using the upcoming 3.0 version. Long term our only option for Linux will be to use the upcoming 3.0 Windows version under wine.

How’s that working out? Are you happy with the iOS version?

I’m a linux guy, too. wondering if I should continue on with my linux laptop or go with iOS.


It’s going really well to be honest. More that the quality of the app though is that it’s given me the freedom to know it works and works well. I’ve pretty much gone back all to Apple’s ecosystem and am exclusively using mac OS and iOS now for my personal writing. Scrivener feels like a first class citizen on Apple’s platform, something that can’t be said for Linux or even Windows.

I still love Linux (I use it for work and my server OS) but for my personal needs, mac OS and iOS just gets the job done without hacking and faffing around.