Linux beta 11 first encounter

Installed Linux Beta 11 into clean folder.

Libraries were unlinked as noted at

Application ran after relinking manually and chowning the files to the username, then running ldd.

At compile menu when selecting pages to compile I must manually click on each one. The Alt-Click to select or deselect all does not appear to function as it does in Windows.

When compiling to PDF I receive a “Could not convert to…” dialog box.
The text in the dialog is “Unkown error”. I don’t know if the convert error is a bug yet but the spelling error in Unknown is :slight_smile:

Was mainly using the Windows version prior but Linux will be my main. (Will be buying a license even if the Linux version is free :slight_smile: )

edit (More poking):
When in the compile dialog, clicking the [Format As:] dropdown box results in a crash to desktop.
edit (still more poking):
Running Scrivener from the console, the only info provided at the crash to desktop is: Segmentation Fault (core dumped)

Haven’t seen the crash to desktop on that. Did notice the other bugs with compiling to PDF and ODT.