List Chapter Titles on one page

How do I make a document that I can print that lists all the Titles of my Chapters I want to send them to a friend


Create a new document, outside of your draft/manuscript folder. (Say, in your Research folder.)

Split the editor.

Select all of your draft’s documents. (All of them and later clean up the list, or just the desired ones now.)

Drag those documents from the binder to that new document, in the editor where out of the two it is still displayed.

Select all “text” from that list document. (Click anywhere in the editor, Ctrl+A.)

Right click, Remove link.

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The most straight-forward way in my opinion is to select the items you want listed, in the binder, corkboard or outliner, and then:

  1. Use the Edit ▸ Copy Special ▸ Copy Documents as Structured Link List menu command.
  2. The list is now on the clipboard, so you can paste it wherever you want, such as into an email, or back into Scrivener. If you do paste it into Scrivener, be aware that it does create internally linked items by default. Just use the Edit ▸ Paste and Match Style command to drop the formatting entirely, if you want a plain-text list.