List level + numbering bug

Hi All,

There is this constant bug with list numbering.
I change list levels by using Tab and Shift-Tab - isn’t that the right way to do it?
sometimes though, that doesn’t change levels, or doesn’t continue numbering. That particularly happens when I cntrl+z to undo something.

For example, suppose I start a list at 1, then hit enter, it starts a new line at 2. Now I want to indent that, so I hit Tab to make it the next level of the list. I already defined the next level to be a. b. c. … and it might correctly do that, but then when I ctrl+Z that to change something else after then ctrl+Y back, it might now indent it but make it 2. instead of a. (or even 1. if it forgot the formatting somehow).

As annoying is a problem with list numbering continuation. If I work down the second tier (a. b. c. etc.) and then come back with shift+tab, sometimes it won’t continue the numbering at that level (it’ll read 1. instead of 2.).

I’ve attached an example of a list that has been created only with Tab and Shift+Tab and ctrl+z and ctrl+y