List out Scene Characters / Shots per Script Element

Hi all,

I’m a beginner with Scrivener and I’m looking to see how I can list the characters and shots (as flagged by script elements) within each scene. Preferably I’d like to do this in the outliner but if not there then through a compiler setting.

Does anyone how to do this? Thanks in advance.

There isn’t a feature that would do that specifically. However you could easily enough produce a list of all the character names referenced in a chunk of text:

  1. Click into any character element.
  2. Use the Edit/Select/Select Similar Formatting menu command.
  3. Copy and then paste somewhere convenient (Notes pane in the inspector maybe).

If you want a list that is strictly unique name entries you’d need to use some tool to sort and remove duplicates.

                    ⠂─────── ⟢⟡⟣ ─────── ⠂

The way I’d handle all of this is with a macro. I use Keyboard Maestro for that kind of stuff, and here is a simple stab at the problem that would allow one to collect and gather text from any selected element type.

There are two macros, one is the basic function to sort and remove duplicates from the clipboard. The other is Scrivener specific to automate the stuff above. To use it, you would put the cursor into the element you wish to scour, and the macro will return a sorted list, with duplicates removed, in a window. (1.89 KB)