Listed in the Verge ... for note taking?

Am I the only one to find it odd to see Scrivener listed on The Verge as a top app for taking notes? I mean, it’s an awesome app for writing stories but I don’t think it’s trying to compete with Google Keep and Evernote!

I was interested to see the article says it’s coming to Android. Is that true?

Don’t know if you’re the only one but I use Scrivener for notes, house project planning, really anything requiring planning, journaling … you get the picture. It’s the most useful third-party software tool I have. I’m getting my money’s worth. :slight_smile:

Sure. I’ve tried both Google Keep and Evernote – as well as a bunch of others – but keep coming back to Scrivener. Which, aside from its many other virtues, puts my notes in the same tool as whatever I’m planning to use the notes for.

As for Android, it’s definitely on the list once Win Scriv 3 is out the door. But I wouldn’t expect it soon.


Huh, guess I just never thought to use it that way! Glad to hear it’s coming to Android at some point. I’ve been mulling a Chromebook for a portable at some point in the future, and those support Android apps now (and Linux, another option…).

Yes! I recently spent about an hour combing through the web looking for just the right tool to organize my notetaking for an online course. The course is highly technical and is structured in a very organized fashion (chapters, sub topics, etc.). However, I was having trouble getting started because I knew I was going to need to take impeccable notes AND keep them organized to match the structure of the course. I’ve had Scrivener for a few years and haven’t used it to its fullest capacity. In the midst of my note-taking-tool-quest a little light bulb went off. SCRIVENER is PERFECT for taking notes on the fly!! Because you can quickly add new text, folders, drag screen shots into text documents, create and nest all of your info into a structure that is meaningful!! If I were a college student (it’s been many years) this would be my go-to tool for note taking. My pattern has been to grab a spiral note book, take 3 pages of notes, then use that same spiral notebook again for a church meeting, my daughter’s IEP, you get the picture. Scrivener has delivered a phenomenal tool to help this artist manage his ADD! It is a PHENOMENAL TOOL for note taking. Xoxoxoxoxoxox. Thank you!! :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: