Lists and head indents?


I’m a new user to Scrivener and love it!

The bug I want to report is that once I finish a bulleted list (with a double-return), the head indent has to be manually reset to what it was before I began the list. It looks like the margin and tabs need resetting as well. I’d expect that it would return to the default margin and tabs that were there before the list was created.


So would I… Unfortunately Scrivener has to rely on the built-in OS X text engine for lists and tables, and the OS X text engine’s implementation of these things isn’t great. The text engine is showcased in TextEdit - Scrivener adds a lot to that by customising it, but all the lists stuff is “under the hood” so there’s not much I can do to change it without completely rewriting the lists system. (I tried writing my own lists system a couple of years ago and it was painful.)

I have just filed a bug report with Apple about this, though.

Thanks and all the best,