Lit & Lat Staff Absences Over Next Two Weeks

Hi all,

Just to let you know that I’m going to be away for most of the next two weeks, and David will be away from tomorrow until Monday. Ioa and Jennifer will be providing their usual superb support, and Lee will still be beavering away on the Windows version, but as they will all have more to get through in order to pick up the slack, it does mean that we may not be able to answer all queries as quickly as usual for the next fortnight. Also be aware that emails to contact@ and sales@ - which David handles - may not get replies until Tuesday or Wednesday, so if you need urgent help with something that you don’t want to post on the forums, please use the support@ email address.

The reason for the absence, in case you’re interested, is that I’m getting married this weekend, and David is my best man. We’re all heading off tomorrow for a long wedding weekend, and then next week I’m off on a short honeymoon. Oh, and when I get back, I’m moving house - so, nothing too stressful, then. (The reason the honeymoon is going to be short, incidentally, is because we’ve done everything backwards and already have three kids, the youngest of whom can’t really be left with grandparents for too long.)

So, when I get back, I will officially be a grown-up. But don’t worry, I’ll still be as grumpy as ever.

Keep your fingers crossed that the sun stays out for us - this is Cornwall, after all.

Thanks and all the best,

Good luck and congratulations. And don’t worry, we’ll keep the good Ship Scriv afloat while you’re gone. Almost definitely.

Does this mean Scrivener is one of your bastard step-children?

But seriously–Congratulations and enjoy the well-deserved time away.

So, now the courtship is over.
Let the GAMES begin!

Good luck to Mr. and Mrs.
And hearty congratulations!


Congratulations! I hope the weather holds for you and that you have a wonderful trip.

You’re too young to get married.

I was thinking, “I thought KB was already married…,” followed by, “Oh.”

Nevertheless, Congratulations!

Congratulations Keith … taken you long enough to make up your mind, eh?

All the best to you. Have a great — albeit curtailed — honeymoon*. And try to get some well earned rest! :wink:


  • You’re not having your honeymoon in Cornwall too, are you?

Edit: we’ll = well … I shouldn’t carry on typing after midnight!

Many congratulations to you all!

Are you moving to someplace with a view of the sea? That would be nice. . . .


Hey, Keith–

Again–congratulations! I know you won’t need this on your honeymoon, but when you come back you may want to take a look at it (knowing you live in Cornwall and studied Medieval Lit): “An Beybel Sans: The Holy Bible in Cornish” has just been published! More information can be found at:

(P.S.–Why is BBCode off in this thread?)

It’s always off when Keith posts an announcement. I’m not sure why. :slight_smile:

Congratulations and best wishes.

Congratulations Keith!

Enjoy every moment - and no coding over the next 2 weeks!!


Congratulations Keith! Have a wonderful time.


Only just seen this. Congrats and big hugs.

Married!! wot for? Livin’ in sin is supposed to be kinky, init! Church threatened to excommunicate y’ or what?

Cornwall for a honeymoon?!! Dirty weekend…yeah…but honeym…? Nahh nahh. Y’ should go somewhere romantic like Morecambe or Blackpool. But if it’s all you can afford, then it’ll have to do, won’t it?

Before I go to Amazon’s one click for your wedding pressy,to see if I can find a used copy of Dummies Guide To Happy/Successful Marriage. I’ll just say here’s wishing you every happiness, and success for the future.:slight_smile:
Good Luck to you both. Ádh mór duit an dá

Official: And do you, Keith, promise to love, honour and cherish your bride as long as you both shall live?

Keith: The short answer is, love and cherish, yes, definitely for version 2.2. I’ve been looking into how the OS implements Honour, though, and I feel like that may be out of my parameters at the moment. Certainly on the list for 3.0…

Congratulations and best wishes to your whole family!

Now that he’s married do we finally get to call him Kevin? Mr Keith Kevin?

And I believe he prefers Kronenbourg Blond. My stalking isn’t up to snuff these days, so I don’t know what Mrs Keith Kevin prefers as her tipple. I’m guessing Wheatgrass. They’re odd in that there Cornwall.

Best of British (minus the weather) to you and yours. Or just ‘yours’ now, I suppose.

Well, it all seems a bit rash, really, what with so many new Scrivener users regularly declaring that a) they want to have your baby or b) if you were a woman, they would marry you.

Please accept these tradition matrimonial well-wishings:

  1. to the groom congratulations and 2) to the bride good luck!