Literary Rockies

Dear fellow writers,

I’m flying from Amsterdam to Calgary in a fortnight, where I’m undertaking the adventure of cycling across the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver. I’ll be away for a month and hopefully get a free mind for my next book project at the sight of dreamy valleys, cloudy summits and roaring bears (well, hopefully not the last one, though …)

Do you have any literary recommendations (aside, of course, from guide books etc.) to prepare for this journey? I would especially need a page turner, ideally set in the area, for the long and boring flight.

I’m no expert at all in North American, let alone Canadian literature, so chances are high that even if you recommend the classic of classics, I wouldn’t have read it already.

Thanks a lot for your help!



Campbell’s Kingdom is at least fifty years old and still in print. Literary it isn’t, but I remember enjoying it when I read it a good while ago.


Excellent, it’s on order. Thanks!