Literature Quiz!

Hi everyone!
My name is James and I am a newbie here) :smiley:
So, recently I was surfing the net in search for some tutorials & interactive tests on literature and I’ve found a nice literature quiz. I decided to try it and made 8/10… I always make a mistake when it goes about these Bronte sisters. And it was my new epic fail))

I decided to go through again, but there is the same list of questions each time, so I turned it off. Looks like its powered by AssignmentMasters - essay writing service , so my advice to their team is to make a list of questions longer, because it doesn’t make sense to go through again)

P.S. Does anybody know any similar literature tests, but with a list of 50-100 questions?

If you want the mother load, download the GRE English subject test exam. You can get it any library or find copies online