Little bug with outliner

Hello there !

  • Scriv3, french language, macOS Sierra, iMac
  • I created a folder, opened and selected the outliner view
  • Started creating some files and noticed the “weird behavior” of the title section for a file created but not “validated”
  • Tried a new creation, hit Enter so a new document is created
  • Write the title and hit enter
  • Starting to write a synopsis. When I stop writing few secondes, the synopsis is updated in the inspector, but the title doesnt appear.
  • When I hit Enter the document is created with title and synopsis correctly displayed in the inspector.

Absolutely not a big deal but if this is not what you decided to do you might want to correct it.

Thanks again for the amazing v3… I love it !

Thanks for the kind words!

This is in fact intended behaviour. The way macOS works is that typing in a table or outline isn’t saved or stored until you hit return. However, in Scrivener, because a user might be typing a long synopsis and we wouldn’t want this lost during a crash, I’ve implemented some workaround code that at least forces a save of the synopsis so far after a pause - but this workaround only affects the synopsis; the title will not be saved until editing ends.

All the best,