Little Sync Help Please

Not sure if I messed things up or I’ve encountered a flaw but need some help, please.

I’m using Scrivener 3 for Mac (Sierra 10.12.4) and iOS (11.1.2) & up-to-date Dropbox to sync and I tried this morning to open my project on iOS and got: “Scrivener can’t open this file type” or some such.

Eventually the project opened but it would not sync without crashing iOS version (latest).

I moved projects not needed out of Dropbox and onto iPad within Scrivener for iOS but then when I re-attempt to sync it tries to sync the moved, unneeded projects and then crashes.

When I look in Dropbox on Mac see only the single file I need to sync. I have unlinked Scrivener for iOS from Dropbox. SO:

  1. If I just re-point Scrivener iOS version to the default folder should it simply sync with the one project in Dropbox?
  2. Should I make any changes in dropbox for Mac first?

Any other advice?

Many thanks.


I will add that there were conflicts before iOS Scrivener crashed, reported by my Dropbox dropdown on the mac: obscure file names that I cannot see or locate now in Dropbox or on my mac.

I see only the project I want to sync on Dropbox for the mac.

Any thoughts much appreciated; I’ve been syncing beautifully for ages prior to V3 update.