Live embedding (displaying include tag content) if aliasing is not possible

Requests for internal aliases (same document in two or more folder structures) have been around for a long time. I myself requested that in 2016, and one can find tracks back from 2007. I can see the challenges mentioned by Scrivener guys, though I think taking similar approach as Unix (let’s say a kind of hard links with folder option) .But anyway this has not been implemented yet.

A suggestion that might have the same result is to enable <include> tags to have an embedded display of the original content. In this approach there will be an original version of a document or a folder where other documents might embed an editable (live) view of them in another document. The trick should be probably similar to scrivening mode.

  • The embedding window follows the original document even if it is moved around (like hard links in Unix).
  • The embedding window simply does not show/include anything (maybe just an indicator) if the original document is deleted.
  • The embedding window can point to a folder, which then shows/includes a scrivening mode of sub-documents.

Example Case:
My case that requires embedding (or aliases) is like this: I write documents in chronological order in some folder. Any of the documents in that folder is going to be reused in one or more other structures (folders) in the same project. I compile each of those folders separately to create articles. Hence there will be multiple articles which share sections/paragraphs with each other.

I sense the nearness of a recursive abyss in your suggestion!

By the way, seems like you could do something like you originally wanted using a combination of keywords and smart folders. Make a keyword for each article, tag each relevant document with it, and set up a smart folder (saved search) that gathers things with the keyword. Since the resultant binder view can be sorted at will independently of the binder-Binder, you could arrange the components as suits the article. Useful work-around?

Thanks for the reply. However, the saved search result is flat, while I need to have structure. There was another suggestion before to combine saved search and collections to preserve the order, but that one still have problem with structure (I can understand that smart/search-based result cannot retain/maintain a structure).

Regarding recursiveness, well any kind of embedding or aliasing might endup there, but there are usually some checking points to avoid that. I cannot understand totally the problem with aliasing but I thought that since scrivening mode is somehow a kind of embedding, it might be easier for developers to have this "visual include tag"instead.

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