Live Print Preview differences El Cap / Sierra

I often try to squeeze as much onto an A4 page as possible, juggling legibility with max amount of boxes and text. One feature that has helped me in the past (beside “Scale to fit one page”) is using the live print-preview and the indication of the amount of pages in the print-dialogue; I then add the best size percentage to the title for future reference. While in El Cap this was easily possible because the size of the preview adapts depending on the percentage chosen, this is unfortunately no longer the case in Sierra where the preview seems static, irrespective of the percentage chosen in the box . (No idea how this pans out in High Sierra.) I assume restoring the live preview in the print dialogue is not in Scapple’s ballpark but want to flag this nevertheless in the hope I’m wrong with my guess. Enjoy the new features of 1.3.1 very much – the Note-Styles in the side-bar are much faster and nice to work with!

It sounds like another issue than OS version. I just checked in 10.12, and adjusting the scale percentage in the File/Page Setup… dialogue definitely had an impact on the page guides.

I would give it a quick test in a new test board with a couple of simple one-word notes for testing and see if the results differ from your regular working environment.

I’ve tried this with a simple new story board; unfortunately no change to the behaviour described above. In the File>PageSetup the page guides indeed shift when I alter the percentage. However, what I meant was the preview window that appears after I hit Cmd+P. This window responds in El Cap to a change of a) orientation and b) the percentage of the scale indicated in the box. In Sierra such a change only happens after altering the orientation but not after percentage in the box is changed. My request is to restore this live preview function upon a change of percentage in the “Scale”-box. Thanks for looking into this.

Oh, I see what you mean. Is that any different than when printing from any software on the Mac? I mean to say, once you press Cmd-P, that’s all macOS. Your print driver will add some options, and the software that called upon the panel can add some options as well, as Scapple does, but these do not modify how the print dialogue works overall.

That’s what I suspected you might say.
However, a quick check with a few other apps shows that Preview, Mail, Safari, but also Skim and Acrobat have a live preview window (after you hit Cmd+P) in Sierra that Scapple still had in El Cap and that currently isn’t there in Sierra. (I’ve used the same three different print drivers on all counts.) If this is a macOS issue I’m left to wonder why Skim and Acrobat Pro still have the functionality and what has happened that Scapple lost it between El Cap and Sierra.

Today I was unable to scale a print-out a Scapple Document to anything below 100% – the print-dialogue accepted a value of 55% but the actual print-out was an 8-page monster at 100%. I used the same document on my back-up machine (running El Cap and Scapple 1.2) and the scaling down worked flawlessly.

Something is broken with 1.3 and Sierra! It’s not just the live preview as mentioned in the above post - it’s the actual scaling, I have carefully tailored literally hundreds of scapple boards to use as printouts and need to scale them incrementally down to the maximum I can squeeze legibly onto an A4. (The “Scale to fit on One Page” is no substitute since it is crude and inflexible.) The annoying thing is that both the actual scaling and the live preview were working beautifully with Scapple 1,2 on El Cap and on Sierra before the update. Please have a look at this. Happy to help with testing as of next weekend when back at my desk.

Sorry, I lost track of this thread over the holiday and never responded. I meant to say I managed to see what you’re referring to finally.

Curiously enough however, I don’t have any luck getting that to work in 1.2 either, on 10.12. Might this have been broken by a minor macOS update rather than the 1.3 update? Either way, we’ll take a look at it—and apologies again for letting it slide.

Just tried this issue on an old Yosemite (10.10.5) OS with Scapple 1.2. Both live preview in the print dialogue and the scaling work fine with this setup. Then I upgraded to Scapple 1.3.1 on the same old OS and the bug appears: both the preview and the actual scaling are unresponsive to any percentage I type into the respective box – which seems to point to an issue somewhere in Scapple 1.3’s handling of how it interacts differently with the OS’s print interface.

Live preview seems to work as described with the latest version of Scapple and High Sierra.


Just upgraded my back-up machine to High Sierra. The issue persists – I’m sorry to report that neither Live Preview works (the image stays static when percentages are changed) nor does a change in the percentage box in the print dialogue result in a different size of the printed document.
I’ve tried this on 4 machines and with three different iterations of OSX including the last one – it’s broken.
Being able to adjust the percentage of a Scapple board in the print dialogue and see such an adjustment’s effect in the Live Preview seems crucial. I’m not a requesting a new feature: this was working fine in previous versions of Scapple. Please fix.

I have this issue as well. I’m running Scapple 1.3.1 on an MacBook Air with OS 10.13.3. I made an edit to a two-year-old document that had printed beautifully with the then-current operating system, but now my only choices are to scale to print it on one page or to print at 100%. Changing the scale via the box in the print dialogue makes no difference to the preview or printed version.

I have this issue as well. I’m running Scapple 1.3.1 and Mac OS 10.13.3.

I need to print a diagram on 2 pages so that it’s readable. I tried using Page Setup in Scapple and setting to 50%, and checking View–>Page Guides so that I could arrange the notes appropriately. But even though I see the diagram laid out on 2 pages in Scapple, I can’t print it that way.

Can I chip in with an off-the-wall suggestion? I’m not a member of L&L, and although I have had Scapple for some time, I’ve never used it to any extent and certainly not tried to print from it.

That said, it seems to me that print, including print preview actually being an OS matter, maybe a solution I read on the Nisus forum—a user whose NWP documents were appearing with DOCX icons not RTF—which worked for me when I had videos output from Final Cut Pro X opening in Amadeus Pro (sound editor) by default, and if I used Info to change the default to QuickTime, I got an alert saying the file could not be opened as it was by an unknown developer … drove me mad for months!

The solution, do a safe boot, log in, log out then boot normally. Doing a safe boot clears out a lot of OS caches and gremlins. There may well be OS gremlins left over as a result of system upgrades; I’m pretty sure that was my case and in the Nisus user’s case. Have any of you tried it? Would it work in this case?



@xiamenese: thanks for your suggestion. Indeed, a great way to trim some of macOS’s gremlins. For the above issue unfortunately of no effect. The issue in this thread is confirmed and some of the discussion and dev responses have taken place in the bug-hunting thread: [url]] Thanks for sharing a useful piece of information anyway.

Sorry it didn’t help in this case, but glad it seems to have been of some use.

And yes, I have seen the other thread, but thanks for the heads-up.