Location Access Error in windows

Dear Sir,
I try to create a document and it creates error message (as attached).

Location Access Error
Cannot access: C:/…

You don’t have permission to save in this location.
Contact the administrator to obtain permission.

I am the administrator of the computer. What can I do.

please advice.


My first guess, which may be wrong, is that some folders/files in the project somehow got set to read-only in the Windows file system. See if the following are of assistance…
“In some cases it’s possible that the permissions got changed on the project folder or files itself, in which case you can usually fix it simply by right-clicking the project .scriv folder, choosing Properties, and then deselecting “Read-only” from the Attributes section. Apply that to all the contents of the folder and you should then be able to open it in Scrivener, and the permissions will then get reset as they should.”

To be clear, is this happening when trying to create the authenticity-in-tourism-studies project, or when trying to add a new document inside that project?

How much free space does your C: drive have?

Using Windows File Explorer, can you browse into the authenticity-in-tourism-studies.scriv folder and create a new text file (example: test.txt)?

I had wondered if you might be exceeding some maximum path/file name length… though I don’t think so, as doesn’t appear to be up 255 yet. Might be worth seeing if you can can copy the authenticity-in-tourism-studies.scriv project folder (and contents) to a shallower location, such as C:\dropbox\authenticity-in-tourism-studies.scriv, and get it to work okay with that shorter path.

I’m also wondering about the presence of forward slash “/” rather than backward slash “” characters in the path displayed in the error message. Is the C: drive a typical internal hard or solid state drive on which Windows resides and runs? Are you by any chance accessing non-Windows file systems (Unix/Linux/etc.)? (Perhaps the forward slashes are an artifact of the Qt cross-platform foundation that Scrivener is implemented on…)

Only other thing I can think of would be some sort of conflict with the DropBox software… perhaps trying to do something with the project folder contents at the same time DropBox is…

It is probably worth reviewing the knowledgebase article re Scrivener and DropBox…
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … th-dropbox
and related discussions in the forums.

I hope something above will be of some assistance.