Locations of a few custom colour settings and theme tweaks

I’m trying to customise one of standard themes (Grey Matter Dark). Would like to make a couple of tweaks on difficult to see elements, so I need an advice.

I know that a theme file is an archive that holds four files. :slight_smile: Also I know my way around CSS. Could please someone knowledgeable tell me, what and where should I change for the following:

  • colour of underlining of a misspelled word in editor,
  • colour of selected text on a Corkboard card (background and text colour, preferably)
  • colour of selected item on the Binder (background and text, also).

Thanks in advance for any advice. I think I have seen somewhere something resembling a small how-to, but can’t seem to find it. :frowning:

P.S.: As I understand, > signs in the Binder are not customisable? They are all but invisible in dark themes. Has anything changed?

The first is in the settings for Appearance > Textual Marks > Spell Check Underline (the bottom option)

The other two are set in the CSS, and I don’t know them by heart, so a can look them up tonight.

They’re probably also mentioned in my book on the topic.

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Thank you for the response. Actually, I have forgotten that some colour options are in the Options. :slight_smile: Will dig around more. I suppose Inspector comments tab background is also somewhere in there (or is it in CSS?)

I have already found the background colour of Binder items on my own. :slight_smile: Have not been able to identify Corkboard options, though. Would be great if you could advise, thanks!

ETA: Inspector pane backgrounds are, indeed, in the Options. However, individual comments’ background/text is not there. I have not been able to find them anywhere else on the Options so far.

You can change them individually in the context menu, some tricky colouring is going on with the items in the Comments and Footnotes pane in the Inspector.

The Background-color of Index Card is also in the Options : Appearance > Index Cards > Colors.
The selected text color is the same as for other PlainText controls:

QPlainTextEdit {
   color: cyan;
   background-color: blue;
   selection-color: yellow;
   selection-background-color: red;

So, changing this will change all QPlainTextEdit controls. You can make it more specific using the SCRCorkboard as its parent:

SCRCorkboard  QPlainTextEdit { ... }

The color of the text in the Comments TextEdit control:

SCRInspectorComments QAbstractScrollArea QTextEdit {
   color: lime;
   background-color: red;

Hope this helps

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