Locked out. All of my work locked away from me.

Apple has locked me out of the I.D I purchased scrivener with.
I cannot access this I.D anymore.
I cannot open scrivener as a result.
If i delete the app and reinstall it can I access the data in it from a time machine back up using a new apple I.D?
Is there any other way of accessing my Scrivener files?
HELP! All my work data is in Scrivener.

Many thanks in advance

Your scrivener files are not located in the Scrivener app, they’re on your hard drive, much like a Word document is separate from Word.

I don’t know what to do about your Apple ID, but deleting the program on your computer probably won’t help. Have you contacted Apple regarding your ID?

One thing you may be able to do is download the “Trial” version of Scrivener from this website; if you’ve never used that version, then it will be good for 30 days of use to you while you deal with Apple. The trial version has all the same features, and only has a reminder every time you start it up, prompting you to purchase a license. If you get your Apple ID straightened out, then you won’t need to do that, fyi.

Good luck! Also, I don’t think that Lit & Lat can do much to help you if you’re locked out of your Mac App Store purchases, but maybe drop them a line at the support email address found here: literatureandlatte.com/suppo … tion-email

Good luck!

Restart your computer and try it again. Seriously: this is an Apple blunder that is, fortunately, self-correcting.

Thank you both.
So so so much.
I tried restarting the computer and no joy. But the trial version is working.
Thank you so much!

Assuming this is the Apple certificate bug, if a restart doesn’t work, the problem can usually be fixed by reinstalling the software. Nothing is harmed by doing so of course. But if you are locked out of your account that’s another thing entirely, and that’s something you’ll need to work out with their tech support.