Locking size of main editor / inspector panel

Is there a way to lock the size of the main editor / inspector panel on Windows? Often, when I try to scroll down the main editor with the scroll bar to the right of the editor (the scroll bar that splits the main editor from the inspector), I accidentally resize the two panes instead (the scroll bar is also draggable left-to-right which resizes the panes). It’s really annoying and happens constantly. The cursor to resize the panels shows up in about half of the area that should just be the scroll up/down cursor.


No, there’s no resize lock or anything like that. You could close the inspector or click more to the left on the scroller, or try using the arrow keys or Page Up/Down to scroll the editor.

We’ll be taking a look at the scrolling/resizing area for a future version to see if we can refine it a little more. It’s already only a few pixels to either side of the divider, but there is a quirk in Windows 8 at least where the wrong cursor can show, so it looks like you’ll click on the scroller when it will really grab the divider.