Locking Views?

Is there any way to lock/pin one of the text/folders in a split view so that it is never changed when selecting a new text/folder in the binder?

To help clarify (if I can)…
I am writing a non-fiction book and have concentrated mostly on creating text/folders in the “Research” section of my binder. Now that I am beginning to create chapters in my “Draft” section, I’ve run into an annoyance that I cannot seem to figure out a way around.

 1.  Setup a spit view
      a.  Top:  Current Draft of working chapter (changing in binder is seldom)
      b.  Bottom:  Research (changing in binder often)

Now, as I type the chapter I am working on, I keep jumping from one item in “Research” to another quite often (for references, quotes, reminders, etc.).
The issue I keep running into is that if I’m typing in a “Draft” text and click on a “Research” item in the binder, it will change my working “Draft” view (top window) to that of the “Research” item unless I remember to first click on the bottom window to change focus.

Seems to me there should be a way to “Pin” an item from the binder in a window so that it never changes until it is first un-pinned.

If there is a way, I sure cannot find it. Another possibility I’m will to accept is that this is a better overall way to work that I’m not seeing.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Installed the Windows beta and continued to play around (not sure if this option was present or not in the non-beta).

At the top of the split window next to that window’s title is a small icon showing a page with a down arrow on it. Pressing it reveals the option “Lock in Place”. That helps a lot, as it prevents that window from changing when selecting an item in the binder.

That said, if the locked window is currently in focus, clicking on a Binder option does nothing. You still have to click change focus to the other window before you can change it to another Binder item.

Still, much better than before as it does prevent accidental item changes.

Glad you’ve found the “Lock In Place” function ++L

the other thing worth mentioning that might help is in he menu:
View > Binder Affects… >
Put a tick in the unlocked editor (So “Bottom” in your example).

That way binder clicks will always impact the bottom editor (until you undo the Binder Affects setting again).

In fact, you may find that if you simply have the binder affect the bottom editor, you don’t need to worry about locking the other one - that way you can always move around using the arrows you pointed out in your post.

Perfect. Binder Affects works perfect for what I am looking for (plus it does remove the need to lock).

Thank you very kindly.