Logging into an account to view license and purchase information. + Resetting computers using a specific license.


It would be helpful to login to an account and see ones license and purchase information and to see which computers are using the license. As well as remove computers from the license list. Just in case one was not able to deactivate the license from a computer, and is not able to use the license again. Using WordPress and specific plugins one can set this up. (I can give additional tips on this.)

I mention this as I happen to reformat and reinstall Scrivener on my girlfriends Macbook Pro without deactivating Scrivener, and now she is not able to use the license because it was activated on her older computers as well. She is for now using the trail version until she is able to use her license again.I have offered her to use my license but she would rather just wait until she gets a reply through e-mail. (I just sent an e-mail to support for her. Hopefully it will be taken care of very soon.)

Although this is a great idea, unfortunately it’s not possible because our licences and store are all handled by a third-party provider with expertise in that area (Paddle), and they do not provide such a facility. That said, your girlfriend would have had to activate Scrivener on a lot of machines, or a great many times on a single machine after reinstalling everything, to run out of activations, as we are very generous with the number of activations allowed. So even if she forgot to deactivate or has it installed on another machine, she should still have no problems activating. Anyway, hopefully support will get back to you soon if they haven’t already (I just searched our support system for your email address but the last email in the system from your address was from 2016).

All the best,

Hey Keith

Thank you for your response!
The email was sent with my girlfriends email.

Support (David) took care of it and she now has a working license number.

Have a great day!