This a website with downloadable software.
You download. Install. Log in. Finish.

You then go out to a webcafe or with your laptop.
You log back in and operate your home machine remotely.
It can be a bit clunky but as of now it could be me mis-operating.

So you can go out from the dreaded work room and still “work”. Procrastinate in a different place and way.
Last of all its free.



I use this daily. It’s a lifesaver. Just as I get home I always remember that last detail I had to do at work and this allows me to do that from home.
Now that I’ve got a MacBook (I only have PC’s at work) I’m thinking of working the other way around: when it’s slow at work I could hook me up with the MB at home and maybe do a little Scrivenerwork from within my Windowsenviroment :wink: .


My only concern about that would be the IT guy banning access to Logmein or worse: Him accessing your files to have a giggle.

I can access and log into my account on the machine but upon my return home I had not logged out as I thought I had done. Also are my actions upon the home machine visible or noticeable by another user ?
I have a “fun” time ahead of me.

I found the site or service as in the UK there are ads for a PC service which does not have Mac software.
I looked around and its for free ! Call me Mr Smug.