Long jump full screen

i’m working on a book in full screen - it’s one file 75000 words. I’ve already done the break it into smaller files compile it in word and now i’m revising as one file in scrivener. That may be odd but that is how i want to do it. The problem is when i go to full screen. Every now and then for seemingly no reason at all, it jumps me to a completely unrelated part of the text. It’s freaking me out and ruining a beautiful experience. If i go back to program view it seems to land me where i was. I don’t get it?


Someone else reported this a while back and I’ve never been able to reproduce it. I believe as soon as you start typing, it jumps back to the correct position, but it is a little odd. Do you have any more information about how I can see the bug for myself?

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Sorry, it just happened again. I have no idea why. But as you say as soon as i started typing it was in the correct place. Still it confuses me when i’m on page 78 for example and suddenly for no reason i am looking at page 63. Only happens in full screen.

i tried to persist, but it kept dumping me in different places so i gave up and went to non full screen which is ok, but i no longer know where i am?

I really want to reproduce this - could you perhaps zip up the project and send it to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com with instruction on what to do to see it for myself?
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Anecdote that may or may not help you:

I can get word to do this but not consistently. It happens when you alternate between using the command arrows to move around and the mouse. I might page up or down with arrow keys (or page up and page down on the extended keyboard), then go to a line, tweedle something, then use the mouse etc. Word will sometimes pop you back to the last place you visited using the arrow keys but the cursor really isn’t there but rather where it is supposed to be and you know this because when you type you get snapped back. (I do know that the location you get warped to is indeed the last location of the arrow keys because I am editing proofs with line numbers.)

At first, I thought I was hitting an arrow key by accident but I can’t get word to do it when I try. However, when I am finishing up a long manuscript, it will do it “on its own” several times during the edit process. I have never had this happen in Scrivener because of the way I use it. I never have anything longer than a chapter in full screen mode.

Hope this isn’t a red herring.


I’ll have some of what he’s having.

Same problem here – two actually.

This was not happening yesterday when I was on 1.52 under identical conditions.

Full screen.
In Edit Scrivenings mode.

  1. If I make an edit towards the bottom of the page, the active line immediately becomes the center line.

  2. At times (I’ll pay attention and try to examine exactly when) I find myself unexpectedly at the top of my Edit Scrivenings selection.

I’m on Snow Leopard.

Tell me what other information you need.

Scratch one seeming problem. I thought I had typewriter scrolling turned off, but I didn’t.

I’ll keep watching for the long jump, though.

Sorry, KB

In an apparent aside, but I hope it’s not, I have just installed a new update of Skim, one of the SL-related bugs they had to squash apparently being one where a screen redraw would jump the display back to the top of the first page. I just wonder if Monokakata’s problem might be related; if so, it’s not just a Scriv problem.


discovery. I don’t know why i go to somewhere else but i do. I do know that if i start to type or hit an arrow key i revert to where i was. If i use the track pad to scroll i go back to the weird place. You work it out. Maybe i’m living the time traveller’s wife?