"Long-named files"

Every two weeks or so, I create a full bootable clone of my hard-drive using Carbon Copy Cloner. After tonight’s cloning, the CCC’s log recorded some errors specific to two Scrivener project files I have on my Mac. (I have many more active Scrivener projects.)

These is a sample error message:

05/09 20:11:38 cannot send long-named file “/Users/gadi1/Documents/My Stuff/Projects/Projects/New Oxford Shakespeare/PROJECT New Oxford Shakespeare.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/Docs/13.scriv/Files/binder.a” (51)

For this Scrivener project I received five CANNOT SEND LONG-NAMED FILE errors; for the other project, I received six. They all follow a similar repeat pattern (Files/Docs/13.scriv/ for one project, Files/Docs/14.scriv for the other), but then each end slightly differently. I can supply the full error log if that helps.

Both files seem to be working fine as projects; neither is particularly complex or large (30MB and 150MB).

I’m running Scrivener 2.0.5 (9496) on Mac OS 10.6.7.

Any advice? Many thanks!

Are you dragging .scriv documents into your Binder over and over or something? If you examine the package contents of your top-level .scriv bundle, and navigate into Files/Docs, do you see this seemingly recursive chain of items in the Finder as well?

Hi AmberV,

Thanks for the reply–no, definitely not dragging Scrivener files into the binder. Have looked at the package contents for both files, and nothing apparently amiss (I paste the list of file names for one of the files below; I’ve marked folders with >).

Basically, if I wasn’t getting this error message in CCC, I wouldn’t notice that there was anything wrong with these two Scrivener files.

Anything else I can test/check? Or should I start again, and just drag these files into a new scrivener project?



PROJECT Stationers Digitised.scrivx

Hi Ian,

I’m afraid that whether you meant to or not, you have definitely at some point either dragged in or imported a Scrivener file, as can be seen by:


That indicates you have a Scrivener project inside your Scrivener project (which is not disallowed as you can import any file type).

According to the your other post, file 13 is also a .scriv file (you must have file extensions hidden in the Finder), and that has .scriv file inside that, which has a .scriv file inside that.

If you look in your binder, you should be able to find some files that have the Scrivener document icon. There’s no way these files could have got there and been assigned an internal number without having been imported. My guess would be that at some point you may have imported a folder of files without realising that the folder contained a .scriv project, which would have been imported with all the other files.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith! I did some more digging in my binder and yes, under Trash was a folder that said ‘_Recovered files’ and in that was ‘Recovered File [14]’ with a Scrivener icon; a similar file was in the trash of my other project. Emptied the trash–the files disappeared but I got a Scrivener error message saying ‘Some files could not be deleted’. However, when I quit and restarted the project I got this message:

‘While the project was opening, files were detected within the project package that do not exist in the binder. This may have been caused by a permissions conflict, in which the file system refused the deletion of files from inside the .scriv package that had been deleted from the project binder, or by synchronization between different versions of the project.The recovered files can be found in the “_Recovered Files” folder at the bottom of the binder. Scrivener attempts to recover such files whenever a project is opened. To disable this behaviour for a project, hold down the Option key while the project is opening. If file recovery is disabled, holding down the Option key on open will re-enable it.’

And guess what: Recovered File [14] is back under trash!

Would I just be safer to start a new project and drag the good files from the old binder into the new?

Thanks again for your help!

Or could I just open Package contents, delete 13.scriv and 14.scriv, and hope that fixes it?

strange - it definitely sounds as though there has been some permissions problem along the way, as the error message suggests. You could just delete them from the package if you want, yes - there will still be stub files in the binder, but they should delete okay once the underlying files have been removed. Just make sure you definitely don’t want those inner projects any more, of course. If that doesn’t work, feel free to zip up the project and send it to me at kb-tech-support AT literatureandlatte DOT com (or you could move them all into another project if that wouldn’t lose too much data - labels and status settings would be lost, but nothing else if I recall).

All the best,

I deleted the relevant files from the package contents and all seems fine–no error messages, no ‘Recovered files’ folders, and the two projects are opening/closing fine. Phew! Many thanks for all your help.

Glad things seem to be working okay now!

All the best,