Long vowel symbol

Trying to type the letter “a” with a line over the top to indicate that it’s pronounced with a long a like in the word “lay” or “amen.”

Any shortcuts on how to do this? I need to repeat it throughout the document.


Using Yosemite (I don’t know whether this was a feature in earlier Mac OS), if you press and hold a letter key a small pane will open with accented variants shown (including, for the “a”, one with a line above, like so “ā”), and you can choose which variant you want to use with your mouse/trackpad. This even works with capitals.

Can also accomplish this, at a word by word level, via the Substitutions feature (found in Options > Corrections I think), so that don’t have to deal with this each time you type a word containing such.
As an example, tell it to replace “Sebastio” with “Sebastião”, and it will do so, as you are typing, every time you type the plain version of the word.

Haven’t verified, but would guess you can also accomplish this after the fact, via Project Replace (found in Edit > Find I think). Just enter the plain version of the word(s) while drafting/editing, then go back at a later time and replace all the plain versions of the word(s) with the accented versions. As they caution, make sure you have several good backups before making such global changes, in case you wind up not happy with the results.

Hope that helps.

Awesome, Thanks, guys!