Longer notes, note attachments, and linking to Scrivener notes

Hi Scapple community,

I’m new to Scapple (but have happily used Scrivener for a while) and am trying to seamlessly integrate Scapple into my workflow. I’m not sure how to accomplish the following and would appreciate any advice.

When I add a longer note (say, a paragraph or more), it predictably fills as much space as there is text. Of course, that makes sense if I wanted to print the mind map and is probably exactly as intended by the developers. However, it also means that the more information I put into a single note, the harder it is to navigate the mind map, as it gets cluttered with bulky notes. Ideally, I’d like a note to have a part that is constantly displayed (a heading, or just a sentence) as well as a part that can be hidden (a paragraph, or a document attached to a note, that can be opened on request, like a read more function). Basically, I want my Scapple notes to be easy to navigate visually, but I also want them to have substance, i.e. to contain or link to longer paragraphs or even entire documents.

A nice functionality for me would be one which combines Scrivener and Scapple so that I can take Scrivener notes and treat them as Scapple notes that can be rearranged visually, linked, labelled, etc. While I can manually go to Edit → Copy Special → Copy Document as External Link and then paste that link into a Scapple note, there are two issues that I encounter which makes this method difficult to use consistently: 1) I have to first click into the Scapple note three times to be able to activate the link (not a deal breaker but somewhat annoying), and 2) when I click on a link it merely opens Scrivener but doesn’t go to the exact document I want to link to.

I tried searching for similar posts but haven’t found much on this topic. I’d be very grateful if you could refer me to the relevant posts if there are any.

Thanks a lot!

Off the top of my head could have headline/ title note with larger font and another note with text at much smaller font. So would see titles with smaller detail notes attached that can blow up to look at if need. Can create note styles with different font sizes.

Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile: Unfortunately, the minimum font size is 5pt which is still too big if I want to include more than a paragraph or two. But the main downside for me is that it would be annoying to increase and decrease the font size constantly. For example, personally I would prefer if I could click on a note and a separate writing window opens.

Make a 72 pt title font and a 5 pt writing font and keep inspecter open and pick as needed