Lookin for models to start with

Starting a scapple document from zero is taking too long for me because I don’t know exactly what I want. Where can I find some basic models that I can then adapt to my needs, thanks.

I guess the big question is: “basic models” of what??

Here are two examples, if that’s what you mean by model.

– thanks to Bernard Davis

– thanks to Wolf Riedel

Hi drmajorbob .
Yes it could be great for me to start with that.
But do you know a site where i can upload these ? With others models too ?

Merci !

Don’t you mean download? It may help to Google “scapple examples”.

What are you trying to do?

The nature of Scapple is that it’s intended to mimic scribbling on a sheet of paper more than filling out a pre-existing template. While examples can help show you what’s possible, treating someone else’s example as a model sort of misses the point.

That, and I don’t think it would save any effort.

Well… I tried an expansive tool like scapple (Miro). There are hundreds of “models” or “example” give by the compagny or the community… It helps me to start.
I cant use miro because its too expansive, i thought i were find the same thing here, and some “models” to start with.
For me, start from nothing without an idea precize of what i want is really handicap. Build, de build, rebuild… do not improve my idea (i dont want to pass my time in the tool). Thanks for your answers

But again, what are you trying to do? A model based on the snowflake plotting method is unlikely to help someone who’s trying to build a time line or write a technical thesis.

Go to the Facebook group. Check out what other writers are doing.


@eldrmozz1 I think you may be looking for writing advice not scapple software advice. It seems to me what you are seeking is advice on how to approach planning a project such as yours (whatever that is). If you are a fiction writer, ideas about how to start structuring your story ideas fall under the category of writing advice. Scapple, as freeform brainstorming software, can underwrite such processes, but it is not reeally rooted in any particular such process.*


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