Looking for a non-fiction template designer

Are there any Scrivener experts who will create a custom template for non-fiction? My company is looking at publishing several books (print and ebook) and our need is to have a good template. The content and cover will change, but we want an attractive and consistent design. But I don’t see any consultants on Fiverr or UpWork who offer that kind of service. There are plenty of Indesign experts but none that I see for Scrivener.

As Scrivener is software for writing, a Project Template would optimize the tools for writing a book. Scrivener output should be input for InDesign (or other design software) that’s optimized for layout of e-books and print books. So, you’re looking for an InDesign experts who knows how to use Scrivener as input.

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Scrivener is for organizing and creating the content. Not so much for formatting and laying out the content. That would be for other software like InDesign.

Yeah, I don’t agree. Scrivener produces perfectly lovely ebooks if you know what your doing.

@hicksmarka - what are you after?

Hi @pigfender, I have discovered that Scrivener produces a perfectly lovely PRINT book as well. But it took me a full week to learn the ins and outs to get there. I had allocated $500 for book design and I made posts on both Fiverr and Upwork for a Scrivener expert to provide a tweaked non-fiction Scrivener template. I got no responses, so I learned what I had to learn to get a good PDF ready for POD. I started with the nonfiction template and tweaked it for a week. I’m on my way, but it took me a week to get here and I don’t know what kinds of mistakes I made that will cause trouble when I go to generate an ebook.

Scrivener may not be competitive with InDesign for features, but I can say that it’s good enough to disrupt Adobe in the self-publishing market. I used InDesign seven years ago and I know what it can do and how complex it can be. Scrivener has all the features to serve the needs of self-publishing authors except a cadre of consultants who know where the land mines and bugs are that inevitably exist in any software product.

My point is that there is an opportunity here, especially for someone on Upwork. Go there and do a search for “Scrivener”. You’ll find plenty of content creators and a few people who will generate a print ready PDF, but no one who will provide a specially designed Scrivener template. The market is wide open.

Glad to hear you’ve got it working for you. Hopefully the week you’ve invested will serve you well for the future!