Looking for critique partner for my manuscript

I have a dark literary fiction manuscript of approximately 100,000 words. looking to have it looked over for any typos or confusing phrases but not characterization, plot, etc. In return, I’ll look over your completed manuscript and tell you what I think of it, suggest revisions and so on. Even if you don’t plan on publishing your work professionally, I’d do it.

interested, I am working on a trilogy and going thru edit on third book 124,000 words. I have Pwa everywhere and would be glad to trade. If want can give a short summary of the first two books to orient you if you want.

thank you! I’ve sent you a PM. what does “Pwa” mean?

Prowriters aid everywhere is available to help with edit

thank you. at any rate, I have sent you my e-mail. please get back to me about this!

I will write an outline of what happened tommorrow morning . Tonight have to watch eagles - chiefs been eagles fan over 60 yrs.

All right. Please send the outline to the e-mail I gave you in the PM.