Looking for English speaking proofreaders for "Mastering Scrivener"

Working from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, English speaking proofreaders are hard to find. So, this way I’m hoping to find a few Scrivener fans and critical readers who want to help me complete my book “Mastering Scrivener”, subtitled “Advanced Scrivener 3 for Experienced Writers”.

I’ve completed an “Advanced Reader Copy” e-book in Scrivener and Sigil, that I can share with you if you’re willing to take the challenge. I could also provide a Word-document if that makes sharing feedback easier.

I’d appreciate feedback on all aspects of the book: the cover, interior design, factual information, consistency, inaccuracies, language errors, spelling mistakes, and so on.

Here’s a chance to read a book on advanced Scrivener topics for free (and I promise to send proofreaders the final version of the e-book as well). The book contains chapters about creating Windows Themes and Chapter Openings, for example. Those are topics raised in this forum frequently and recently.

If you’re interested, let me know by sending me a Personal Message (using the third tab from the menu you get clicking your profile picture). I’ll send you the ARC using this forum.

Thanks in Advance!