Looking for templates

Before I became a bit more with it in this scrivener thing I seemed to fiddle most of my templates and they are no longer original.
Where can I get fairly thorough templates of the novel type that utilize the Part/Chapter/Scene scenario or just the Chapter/Scene layout.
I promise not to screw these up :frowning:



It’s not actually possible to modify the core templates that ship with Scrivener, so chances are if you’ve saved your own templates and used the same name, you just need to find the original to work from. If you truly want to start over with them, you could close Scrivener, go into your AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener\ProjectTemplates folder, and move any of those files you see here out to another location—perhaps to a folder on your desktop. Then restart Scrivener and everything you see in the template chooser should now be vanilla.

Thanks, I should have remembered that.

Your many hours of help and advice are truly appreciated by all


You’re welcome!