Looking To Hire Experienced Scrivener Layout Designer

Hey guys.

I’ve got a finished recipe book already in scrivener with my text, recipe photos, headlines, etc. It’s already “laid out” and you could get a reasonably decent looking print book from it if you just compiled/exported it as a pdf, but I’m looking for something better.

I want to sell it via createspace, and want a professional-looking recipe book as the end product.

I’m hoping someone here is familiar enough with the scrivener to make it look good.

I’m willing to pay for what is probably a minimal amount of work. I imagine someone who knew what they were doing could make the file into a good looking book in a few hours. ’

I also want a pdf, .mobi, and .epub version of the book for sale electronically, but this shouldn’t require much alteration.

The book is currently 10,923 words and scrivener’s statistics info says that it’s 31 paperback pages.

If this project interests you, please email me at Andrew@raw-food-health.net with some work you’ve already done.

I’ll send over the scrivener file, and you can email me back your bid for the project.



(Just so you know, I moved this to the Usage Scenarios forum, which still isn’t precisely a perfect fit, but it’s better than the tech support forum where it is likely to be unseen by most.)

Hi there. Do you have cover, barcode/ISBN and everything else already set up, or is designing / acquiring these elements part of the job?


The front cover is complete, but we’ll need to discuss the final print page count and book dimensions so the artist can do the spine/back.

I have a barcode.