Losing center alignment on compile

I have spent a fair portion of the last 2 years using scrivener to organize my first novel. This is my first significant experience with Scrivener.

I would largely write my scenes in Word and copy them over to Scrivener for organization. I would revise them in Scrivener as well.

I have screen breaks with asterisks that I entered in Word. When I copy/paste them into Scrivener, they are fine. But then, when I use the Compile function, and open the compiled document in Word, the centered screen breaks are no longer center aligned.

Please help me with this. I have tried using the “preserve formatting” function but this does not solve the problem.

Thank you

I was having the same issue in Scrivener 3 for Windows. I use a # centered in a line to indicate a blank line. I discovered that to maintain the centered text alignment I had to select from the end of the previous line through the # and all the way to the start of the next line,. Then Preserve Formatting kept it centered.