Losing double-spacing and tabs when exporting to Word

During Export, when I print to “Preview”, everything looks OK.

But if I export to Word, I lose double spacing, and the first line .5 inch indent on every paragraph but the first.

I think I have the Export settings set correctly:

Under Content, “Keep Formatting” is turned on for each section
Under Text Options, “Separate non-folder sections” is set to Single newlines
Under Formatting, the text looks fine in the window: double-spaced with a .5 inch indent for each paragraph.

Export format is Microsoft Word.

What am I doing wrong? Scrivener has so many features and so much control, that I figure there should be some way to export to a Word document and get the text to look the way it looks like in Scrivener.

Thanks for any info.

You’re doing nothing wrong - this is just a bug in Apple’s Word exporter. To fix:

• Export to RTF instead. This is generally the best format to use.


• Export to .doc but include a header or footer. This forces Scrivener to use RTF “under the hood”, which is fine for Word, and because it uses RTF underneath it will work as well as the RTF export.

Hope that helps.

All the best,