Losing one's place when switching between files

Before I comment, let me say Scrivener really is very cool.
That said, in this beta for windows version 1.3, whenever I click between chapters/folders/text files and then click back to my original file, Scrivener always takes me back to the very start of the file. It would be great if Scrivener could take me back to the portion of the file where I left off.
Or even if we could have that as an option.
Once again, not sure if this is really a bug or just the way Scrivener is configured.
Cheers and thanks!

I found this in the official Bug List:

Remember position in document
When you click from one document to the next and switch back (or press the back key), then it sends you to the beginning of the original document. Doesn’t matter whether switching between draft and research, or draft and draft, you lose your place in the scene.”

So it is on the list to get fixed.

Once again thanks mightygitis! I did search for this topic in the forum so as not to duplicate previous posts but I used different wording, so it didn’t show up.
Glad it’s on the ‘to be fixed’ list!

Searching the forums gets TRICKY, so I actually go to the bug list itself (link is in my sig) and search for key terms. Like this time I looked for all instances of the word “place” until I found that.

I also really like helping out around here. I heart Scrivener a lot, and Lee has to be overwhelmed. So if I can reply and let the person know it’s already logged for him, I do it.


Mind if I follow your example mightygitis?