Loss of formatting/fonts after syncing

I have just spent a while changing back all my formatting and fonting on my work under the Windows version, after syncing it with Dropbox in the correct folders and everything to use with the new iOS version.

I see that both versions support the Palatino or Palatino Linotype font, which is great, but upon opening my files in iOS everything had been converted to Courier and none of my formatting - bolds and italics - were not saved.

I check back on my Windows version and all the formatting is there but every single document was no longer in Palatino. I saved my work, checked that that is all okay on Dropbox, and still it comes out in an unformatted Courier mess on iOS.

Is there a fix for this? I realize it’s silly but my choice of font is my comfort and if I lose any formatting it’s extra anxiety and work for me. I just want what I save in Windows to sync exactly as I left it with iOS.

Please help. I love Scrivener and was so looking forward no longer needing to cart my laptop around anymore…


I am not a Windows expert, but during beta-testing I “overheard” issues with Windows fonts being changed on the iOS side. Fortunately, Keith has put together a detailed knowledge base article about this at:

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … -platforms

I hope this helps.

Yes, I had the same issue - after editing in iOS, when I opened in Windows again, it looked horrible!

Once I imported the fonts to iOS Scrivener, all was okay (except for a few files that took a second go at syncing).

Keith’s article is excellent, the only thing is, as a Windows user, I would liked to have known that info up front. It would have saved me a lot of angst and I would have set up my writing font on the iOS app FIRST!

Perhaps an improvement for a “First run” option for the iOS app, or put into the tutorial (which I read from start to finish before making any edits).

I still love the new app on the iPad - I’m now editing and writing in new places!

That’s a good point about adding a note to the tutorial about fonts for Windows users - I’ve made a note to do that for the next update.

I have the same issue. Oddly enough, I use Times New Roman across my Macbook Air, iPad, and Windows. It changes it to some weird condensed hard to read font and removes all of the formatting like the OP stated.

Today it happened when I was working in Windows. I closed the project, then reopened it (in Windows) and the font issue was there. I’ll post this in the Windows forum as well, in case it’s a Windows issue.

I’ll check out the article, too.