Lost a day of work

Well, I lost a huge day of work. I haven’t been using Scrivener very long and am trying to figure out how that happened and if I can keep using the app. There is an autosave file from the day before, but not from yesterday. Any insights into how the autosave works, and why there is no save file from yesterday? I was using the same computer. It is possible the computer was not online yesterday, could that be a factor?

We would need more info on exactly how things are set up in your case.
What you call “autosave” is probably Scrivener’s backup, which are as a default made when you close a project. You can check your backup settings under Options → Backup (found under File or Tools?). Check where you are saving the backups, when (on close, open, manual save?) and if they are zipped or not. (.zip backups are safer because you get the whole project as one file). Also check how many backups are saved. Each time Scrivener makes a new backup the oldest one is deleted, so if you experience problems and open-close the project several times you might delete your correct backups if you save too few.

Autosave is something else. It saves the project every time you are inactive for a few seconds, so you never have to Save manually.

So where are your backups and live projects saved, and exactly what happened?

Thanks. Yes, sorry, I am talking about the backups. And the backups are there, in the place I assigned, just not yesterday’s. I searched all of my dropbox and my local files, and there is no file at all there that was changed yesterday.

Did you close the project yesterday?

I thought I did, but I can’t be 100% sure. Could that be the problem, if I forgot to close it?

Yes, if the setting is ’Backup on project close’ and you didn’t close it, it didn’t make a backup.

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