Lost Access To My Windows Discount For Mac Users

Long story short, I saw the recent announcement regarding a discounted Windows copy for folks who own the Mac version. The announcement, for whatever reason, didn’t state what the discount was, so I put my Mac license information into the Windows version I’d installed on my gaming machine and the price changed to reflect the discount. I was downstairs and didn’t have my wallet with me at the time to complete the purchase, so I moved on and forgot about it for a few days.

This was on my gaming machine, and at some point around that time I decided to break apart and rebuild the RAID array Scrivener and lots of other stuff was installed on. Once I got everything reinstalled, I attempted to complete the purchase, but Windows Scrivener now claims I already used my discount and am not eligible for another.

It strikes me as quite silly that the licensing program isn’t smart enough to know whether I actually purchased something, that it’s just assuming I did because I inquired about the price at some point.
Also, this was some weeks ago, and right after it happened I emailed L&L support to ask what was up and whether they could help me, only to get zero response, not even some useless, automated junk to let me know they’d received my inquiry. That’s not the best look for a company trying to attract and retain customers.

Surely it would take someone only a few seconds to verify I’d never purchased a Windows license and allow me to do so at the appropriate price, right?

Have you checked your junk folder - they are normally good.

They wont discuss licences here other than general advice for privacy.

If there’s nothing in junk/SPAM drop them another line from the web page.

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Yes, I’ve checked my spam folder repeatedly since I sent the message. At the very least, maybe this topic will help someone else: don’t check your discount eligibility unless you know you’re ready to use it or it might end up gone forever.

What a lousy system.

We have no record of any contact with tech support from the email address you are using for your forum account. Could you send me a PM with the address you might have used, so we can check up on that?

Meanwhile, you don’t have to rely on email alone, you can log in to the help desk and interact with your open tickets directly (create an account with your email address to link up to previously created tickets with it).

…don’t check your discount eligibility unless you know you’re ready to use it or it might end up gone forever.

Passively checking should be fine, but there is a second stage where it asks if you are ready to generate a coupon, and copy it for safe keeping or proceed directly to checkout. We have ways to look up the coupon generated for you though, so even if you lost it we can help.

That’s odd. I sent the inquiry from the same email account. I’m not sure exactly when. A few to several weeks ago. I explained what had happened in detail and received no response or acknowledgement of any kind.

All I did at the time, best I can recall, was enter my Mac license information (also using the same email address) into the Windows version to see what the price would become. I don’t recall proceeding any further than that, but maybe I did. I certainly do not remember being offered a coupon or being warned about needing to keep track of it.

I assumed I’d be able to input my Mac license info at any point on any Windows machine and complete the purchase, not that the Windows app would give me one and only one bite at the apple.

Anyway, thanks for the information. Sorry to clutter the forum, but I’d had no luck with email support.