Lost document

I have been working on a particular story a couple weeks now and have had almost no problems with it. Suddenly today Scrivener refuses to open it. It will still open any of my other scriv. files though. I have tried restarting my trial. I uninstalled scrivener from my system, but when I came to the site to reload it, hoping that might solve the issue, it now won’t let me reinstall. It gives me some kind of an error instead.

I’m not sure if you got Scrivener re-installed, but there is a new version out so you might want to give that a try. If it isn’t working, we need to know more details, like what the error message states and what steps you are taking, in order to help.

As for the project: once you do have things working again, go inside the Files folder for the .scriv project that is giving you problems, and open the versions.txt file in Notepad. Is it empty? If so, type in ‘16’ without the quotes, save it, and try opening the project again.