Lost *.docx Compile Formatting - How to Import epub into Docx?

Long-time user but I’ve been complacent. Does it seem to be the last update changed something in the compile?

I had two formats set-up for the compiler for my series of novels. I’ve published five novels. I had an epub format and a docx format. My docx format has disappeared. When I select the epub format and then changed the output to docx I lose all my formatting,

What I would like to know is HOW to take my epub formatting and copy it over to a docx format under My Formats. There is a TON of subtle compiling options in my novels that is duplicated between formats. To try and recreate the docx formatting would take me hours,

I have exported my epub format and then tried to import it into the docx format. Doesn’t work. It becomes a epub. Very furstrated at the moment.

Please lend me some advice on the best way forward. I have a perfectly good epub format I need to bring over to the docx format.

If you select a compile format and swap between outputs the settings common to both docx and epub should not reset.

Customised compile formats can either be saved as part of a project or as a format available for any project – under Project Formats or My Formats… If you open an older project you might be able to control-click on it under Project formats, then Duplicate & Edit Format, Change Save to… to My Formats. And then click save.

Which version of Scrivener are you using? The update from version 2 to 3 did change Compile a lot.