Lost email I used to buy Scrivener....

Somehow I’ve checked all my possible emails, and can’t find which email I used to buy Scrivener. I can’t retrieve my serial number. I’ve been using it for months up until recently, and now when I go to open it it asks for my serial number which I have no way of retrieving because I somehow can’t find the email. All emails it could possibly be don’t have it. I know which card I used to buy my Scrivener subscription, what are my options to getting back on my Scrivener? I have documents saved on there that I haven’t backed up elsewhere that I really need to access. Thanks for any help.

Advice, including contact details, here:

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … et-it-back

Slàinte mhòr.

I am hoping someone here will be able to help me get access to Scrivener again. For some reason, I don’t have the option to post a New Post, so I am going to piggy-back this post. I’ve emailed you guys a couple times and haven’t received a response. I did get the bounce-back email both times stating that you received my email from your website.

In a nutshell, GoDaddy changed email platforms last year and in doing so, I lost access to all of my old emails. I no longer have my serial number for the purchase of Scrivener 3. I tried to do the serial lookup via the link provided, but that just loops me back into contacting you guys. Please help me. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!
Holli True

You need to contact our support address. We cannot handle license inquiries via the forum.

If you haven’t received a response in a reasonable time, please check your junk mail folder.


Thanks so much for replying. I knew you wouldn’t be able to get the info over the forum, I figured it couldn’t hurt to post here in hopes that someone from there would see it.

I sent in a request a few months ago and never heard anything. I sent another last month, didn’t hear anything. I sent another today, so hopefully I will hear back soon. I’ve also checked my junk folder, but there hasn’t been anything there, either. Fingers crossed!

If you don’t see anything within a few days, please PM me with the email address you used. – Katherine

Just for the record, we received hollitrue’s latest message to technical support, and the issue has already been resolved.

All the best,