Lost font on my index cards, stuck in Courier

I downloaded the latest Scrivener to my new-to-me laptop, registered it, and imported all my stuff without problems. Wrote with it most of yesterday, loving it. Shut it down for overnight.

This morning I go into my project, or any project, and the Index Card titles and text is in Courier font. And it won’t leave. No matter what font I choose.

At first it would tell me I had to use a fixed proportion font because of Script mode, but now it just changes both of them to Courier. And changes everything else into Lucinda.

This is in Preferences, the Fonts & Colors submenu.

I don’t know what I did or how anyone would duplicate it. My question is, how should I try to fix it?

Any help greatly appreciated. I miss my Copperplate font!

Not quite sure what you mean, entirely. The fixed pitch warning only affects the font set for script writing mode in the Text Editing pane.

What does it say next to Index Cards Title Font and Index Cards Text Font in Font & Color preferences? Does it say Courier there? If so, change it. If not, are you saying that it says Copperplate there but shows Courier in your index cards? And you do know that you can only change these fonts via the Preferences, and not via the font panel, right?


“The fixed pitch warning only affects the font set for script writing mode in the Text Editing pane.”

That’s what I was puzzled about, that’s NOT what I was changing. I was changing the font to Copperplate in the Fonts & Colors section of the Preferences, but it will change it back to Courier when I leave and come back.

It thinks everything else should be Lucinda. No matter what I change it to, it’s back to Lucinda when I look at it again.

I’ve removed the Preferences file and let it rebuild it, I’ve removed Scrivener and reinstalled it, and I asked about Updates on the Web and it told me I was up to date, 1.03.

Now, does the pull down pane show all the fonts I should have? I didn’t add any, but that’s a pretty standard set, and I haven’t added any on my G5 and it works fine on there.

Also, it occasionally will come up without loading my current project, which is how I have it set, and with many buttons ghosted, including the Quit button, which does not respond to a keyboard shortcut, either. I then have to Force Quit.

I just updated the OS X operating sytem as well, so I have OS X 10.4.9, with lots of RAM, but it’s still doing it. This is a Powerbook G4 with 1 Ghz processor. Everything else I’ve run on it has been acting properly.

I copied the disk image to a flash drive and used that to install originally.

As far as the fixed width warning goes, actually, I kind of said that wrong - you will get that warning every time you save your Preferences if Scrivener thinks you have a non-fixed width font set for your script font, regardless of whether you changed it that session or not. That warning is gone with 1.04, anyway, so you can safely ignore it.

As for everything else… It sounds as though your preferences are getting reset to the default every time you open. Courier is the default for the corkboard, and Lucinda is the default for a lot of other things. Do you ever get asked to re-register? That would indicate that it is not finding the prefs file properly, for instance. There definitely seems to be a preferences issue here. Yeah, you knew that already, didn’t you? :frowning: Sorry I’m not being much help here, but this is an odd one.

All the best,

This sounds to me like it could be several things at once.

Why don’t you download Applejack from versionTracker or MacUpdate and install it?

Read the instructions carefully–it’s a powerful beast.

After installing it and restarting in single-user mode, I would try having it repair everything by entering “applejack AUTO reboot” at the terminal prompt.

Some of this sounds like permissions; much sounds like corrupt font caches.

After you’ve restarted try creating a new Scrivener project and see how that goes. If it’s OK, then try opening your working file.

Good Luck!



(or as the case may be)


Fixed! By golly.

Thanks for that invaluable tip. I have my Copperplate index cards back, and I feel more confident about my new machine.

Why did I see it only in Scrivener? On reflection, all I’ve been doing is using Scrivener and ripping 3 gigs of CD’s onto the drive.

First day, and all.

Thanks so much!


As you say, perhaps you weren’t using other applications that make extensive use of fonts.

You got a refurbed machine, right? I would be cautious for a while–using Scrivener’s backup function more than you would normally and so on.

The other thing that occurred to me is that you may have some flakey memory as well. If this (or other) oddities start to reoccur, you may want to try testing the memory (there are some software testers around) or simply successively removing the chips to see whether things improve. Hopefully, though, it’s fixed.

You’re very welcome! Have fun!


Yes, it was a refurbed machine. Thanks for your concern. I will continue to test it extensively while it is also their problem, if you know what I mean. I have a six month warranty.

The Music Project was also a good workout for the optical drive and the hard drive, which worked fine.

I am going to communicate with them about this situation; seems to me they should have wiped the drive and done a clean install, which would mean I wouldn’t have these problems.

And thanks for your prompt response, Keith. I’m glad it was me, not you!

This forum is fantastic.

And so is the Mac, I might add. I don’t even want to contemplate the nightmare that fixing this on a PC might entail…

Well, in the distant future (distant because this one will be such a pleasure for so long :slight_smile: ), you should always wipe the drive and install the OS yourself when you’ve purchased a refurb or used machine.

Oh, also, visit macfixit.com and get their standard upgrade procedure. I recall they recently posted a shortened one which is just about right (before, they were stark raving bonkers on updates with endless backups and permissions repairs and installing from externals and throwing rice into the western wind and etc. etc.).



Ah, yes, sometimes hard for folks to find that line between necessary… and fun!