Lost Formatting in Compile

Sorry for the bug report, if i did not find the feature saving the formatting/preferences for compiling.

-Open the Compile dialog you see different option in formating by default is:
-Format As: Custom - Compile for: pdf
-Change Format As: to "Amazon fina"l - Compile for:to kindle .mobi (from pdf) The Compile Options are changing

  • Now make the changes in the Compile Option from Content (first) to Meta DataKindlegen (Last)
    After compiling this formatting or call it Compiling “preferences” are lost. Not allways - unfortunatly: At least after closing the document or Scrivener itself.

For the every “new” compile i have to do the whole process again and again.That makes Compiling a realy hard work. I did not found a way to save this “compiling preferences”. Its really harder than it sounds, because i m writing in german so i have have to change a lot in the Compiling Options.

I had to compile my book a lot of times until a found the right formating for Aamzon. Every small error like forgetting to uncheck underline Links or changing in Metadata from “Content” to “Inhalt”, and so on makes the compiled (mobi) document useless/wrong. If i did not see the error and uploaded it to Amazon than i had to wait 12 hours until i can change it again, because the document is in Amazon check. You know that.

I cannot reproduce this - compile settings are always saved on Compile (or on Save if you hold the Option button down to turn “Compile” into “Save”). Bear in mind that if you load a “Format As” preset and then change the settings, the “Format As” button will read “Custom” next time, because the setting has been customised. If you want to save your changes into the actual preset that appears in the “Format As” list, then you will need to open “Manage Compile Format Presets…” and update the preset with your changes.

All the best,

Thanks Keith,
I didn´t know about holding the Option-bnt to save and compile. I think thats that´s the problem. I ´ll check that.

Sorry, to clarify, clicking on “Compile” should always save the settings. Holding the Option key down turns the “Compile” button into “Save”, which just saves the settings and closes the panel without compiling - it’s for those occasions when you want to make changes but you don’t actually want to compile just yet. But if you are clicking “Compile” without the Option key, your changes should still be saved.