Lost Project, folders & titles in project using Dropbox

I created a project in Scrivener, in various folders on my iPad pro, and then I input all my script notes. Did a test sync and that worked. Attempted to do the backup of my Main project folder using Dropbox. Had troubles with that backup, so I made this mistake that I am trying to correct:

I made an empty project-folder in Dropbox with the same title name, after reading that the project titles needed to be an exact match in order to sync properly. I then clicked the button, “Sync” from my iPad, and the empty folder in Dropbox, copied over the project folder on my iPad, resulting in an empty project file. Completely empty.

After that, I found the “Main Project .scriv” doc, in Dropbox, in the Apps folder. Could not figure out how to get it back into my iPad. Still lost on this one.

Today, I bought the OS-desktop version and I opened the app in my computer for the first time. Double clicked on the .scrive file, and it opened a new project. There, I can see my text notes, in the “Corrupt” folder. But all the neatly organized folders are gone, and all 191 text documents, Headings & Titles are gone, and each section are now a big lump, a puzzle. Seems like there might be missing text docs too.

This morning, a Scrivener rep. wrote me, and said that there should be 5 backups saved automatically. I think this is true in the computer version. Does anyone know where that auto-backup lives in the ipad?

Does anyone know how to, and if it is possible to revert back to the original project?
Again I created them in the iPad.

Thanks in advance.

First, whatever you do, don’t go mucking about with the Scrivener projects using the Dropbox app on the iPad unless you know exactly what to do and why.

Secondly, no the iPad does not save any backups automatically.

To your problem: Provided you haven’t synced your Scrivener on your iPad yet, there might be a way to save the situation. If you turn off WiFi on the iPad before starting Scrivener on it, your project should still be there. You can move it off Dropbox on the iPad by moving it to the iPad area instead, in the project view in iPad Scrivener. If the project looks okay on your iPad, go back to your Mac and move the corrupt version of the project somewhere else, to any folder except the Dropbox folder you sync with the iPad. Go back to the iPad, make a copy of the project and move it to the Dropbox area in the project view. Sync to Dropbox. Close the app, go back to the Mac, let the Dropbox app sync everything and when you get the green tickmark, open the project with File -> Open.