Lost Synopsis Data [ADDITIONAL INFO]

Here’s what happened: I created 9 text documents in the draft folder, named all but one and filled out the synopsis on all but 1. I had a text file that I’m using on this project, and I divided it up among the first four documents. Then I got up and made lunch, leaving Scrivener running. When I got back, I had lost the synopsis data on all of the items with empty documents.

Closing and opening did not create a repeat of the problem, and as I was away from my keyboard I can’t give any more details.

(I’m running Scrivener on Windows 7)

I tried your steps but could not reproduce it at all on XP Pro SP3.

I’m going to try to see if I can replicate it with varying amounts of time and see if it is a repeatable bug, or if it is just a PEBKAC issue.