Lost text? In card view there is text on a page, in writing view it is almost all gone

I hope I am missing something obvious here as I’m a bit worried I’ve lost this text and also that this could happen with a bigger project.
I have a short project, written in script format (which may be relevant as this hasn’t happened before and it is the first time i have used it). I don’t know the correct terminology for all the different views. But I hope this makes sense.

When I view a page of text in a project as a page to write in, there is only one small section of text - ie some is missing. When I view the project as cards (ie clicking on draft) the page comes up as a card and the first few lines of text I wrote is visible. So the text is somewhere? It’s not in synopsis.
Also, the page count is much higher than the text that remains and may be the original word count.
When i try to compile the text doesn’t reappear.

Any ideas where the text is hiding? If it’s been lost then it makes me fear for my much longer projects, especially if the word count is staying correct but the words are missing.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for any help,

I discovered that all the text before and after the bit that remained had been turned to white, so it appeared it wasn’t there. So the new, though much less worrying question, is why would that happen? I definitely didn’t change the colours, I don’t know how to on iOS and I wouldn’t accidentally have changed two separate bits.
Enough of me talking to myself. I hope your writing is going well.

There is a known bug where typing in dark mode can cause the text colour to end up white. It won’t be noticed until switching to light mode or exporting. We’ve only observed it happening in scriptwriting mode, but there may be other conditions.

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Oh, that could well have been it. Thanks