Lost text

Have to say that I’m struggling. Started writing under the full screen mode (F11) but didn’t really have a clue where I was within the software.

All I can say that further down the page there was the start of the text that I have previously been putting on research ‘cards’ on the corkboard.

But pressing F11 brought up the whole screen and I was in a great creative place. Typed for over an hour.

Then I wanted to research something on the web and when I came back to Scrivener (which I hadn’t closed) I couldn’t find the text anywhere.

Can I retrieve it using Windows Explorer from amongst the files? Where might it be?

If it has been lost then I just couldn’t afford to make the same mistake.

Fingers crossed someone can help me.

Best wishes, Paul H.

Me again.

I found the text. It was within my ‘research’ material but not showing on the corkboard. It was only visible when I clicked on ‘view the group as Scrivenings’.

But this reveals my confusion.

How do I just start typing my material? Ergo, if I do not want to do any setup or anything else. The manual says this is a key benefit of the program.

Which group are you viewing as Scrivenings? The Research group?

If you are somehow inside a editing view and click on the corkboard then nothing will show up. It’s blank.

The corkboard only displays items when you have selected a grouping of documents (like a chapter or parts or the research group).

Another possibility is that you started the text inside another document and the reason you don’t see it on the corkboard is simply because the text is inside something else. When you enter full screen mode it automatically enters the text document that you currently have open. I have lost text in this way myself, but once I figured it out, life was much easier.

A very quick work around for this would be to copy and paste the text into a new editing document in your binder.

Feel free to let me know if you have further questions. I’m always happy to help.