Lost Text

I have been working on my project yesterday night and this morning, and suddenly I am missing parts of my text… I am sure that I wrote some phrases 1-2 hours ago which now are just gone.
I suspect that I just deleted the paragraphs accidentally.

However: There is some other stuff I distinctly remember writing yesterday in another section of the document, and it is also gone. Weird…

It seems like sometime during the last 1-2 hours, some rtf files reverted to an earlier version? But I did not even have any snapshots saved…

There are distinct words I have written which now do not appear anymore. A paragraph in which I had inserted a very distinct word (“Religionsmedienwissenschaft”) is back to the way it was in the morning.

What happened here?

The File is NOT on a dropbox folder or something…

Any ideas?

(running ML)

Did you use the Save As command at some point?

Save As creates a new copy of the project under a new name, and then continues working in the new project. So if you did that, and then went back to the original project name, any changes you made in the new project would be “lost.”

You can use Finder to search for Scrivener projects to see if there are any extra copies of the project floating around.


No, no Save As used.
And no additional copies of the Project to be found.

I am still puzzled to what actually happened.

There have been a few cases where various automatic backup software interfered with Scrivener’s normal save process. One user found that the local copy of her project was losing data, but the Carbonite backup was intact. :open_mouth:

So take a close look at backup software, cleanup utilities, anything other than Scrivener that might be poking it’s head inside the file.

Anytime you’re having an issue like this, it’s a good idea to shut the program down whenever you’re away from the computer, and to configure Scrivener to run an automatic backup whenever you close the project (which includes exiting the program). That will both make it easier to spot exactly when the error occurred, and will reduce the amount of material at risk.

What version of Scrivener are you running, and did you get it directly from us or from Apple’s App Store?