Lost two hours worth of editing

Thought I would try asking here, but have little hope there is a solution. I was editing a large document (about 14,000 words at current count - not including background materials etc.) I saved after about two hours of composing new material in the morning and moved onto other things. There was no error in the save. Shortly after (say five minutes or so), I started getting errors on my server. It turns out myserver’s system drive crashed. Fortunately, I keep plenty of backups and the server has file duplication (not Raid, but duplication - its a Windows Home Server, for those curious). Anyway, I replaced the system drive, reinstalled the server, and restored my most recent backup. I then went through all the files on the other drives and restored anything with a more current date than the backup (a few days old). Included were files with the date I edited the manuscript through Scrivener, so I thought I was good to go. Unfortunately, when I opened the file all those edits for that day were not present.

Is there any buffer file or some other place the edits could have been captured that I could explore on my remaining good drives to hope the edits remain preserved? Or any other ideas that might allow me to regain that composition.

Thanx in advance for any help.